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Paying an Invoice

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of paying invoices in myUF Payment Solutions (MPS). The approval of an invoice in the MPS system constitutes verification by the department that the goods and services being paid for have been received. If documentation of receipt is not attached in MPS, the department is responsible for maintaining such documentation for audit purposes. Once goods and services are received, an invoice is processed, and a voucher is made to schedule payment to the supplier.

Reason for Directive

MPS provides a supplier portal that enables electronic invoices to flow directly from suppliers to UF Disbursements, eliminating extra steps and reducing paper in the process.

Who must comply?

All University Departments.

Security Roles

To acquire roles, contact your Department Security Administrator (DSA).

To view vouchers in myUFL only: UF_FI_UNIVERSAL_INQUIRY.

To input vouchers and/or approve invoices in MPS: UF_AP_APPROVER.

For viewer only: UF_AP_REVIEWER.

Whenever the role UF_AP_APPROVER is requested for an employee, an email should be sent to disbursements@ufl.edu containing the department IDs the individual will need access to in the MPS system, using the MPS Dept ID Request Form.

These roles will grant permissions in both myUFL and the MPS system. The functionalities granted will be as follows:

  1. MPS system:
    UF_AP_Reviewer UF_AP_Approver
    Annotate invoice images Annotate invoice images
    Add supporting documents to invoices Add supporting documents to invoices
    Add notes to invoices Add notes to invoices
    Route invoices to users Route invoices to users
    Use the Out of Office feature Use the Out of Office feature
    Add GL allocations to invoices
    Approve invoice for payments
    Enter a check request for unencumbered payments
    Submit invoice into workflow
  2. myUFL:
    UF_AP_Reviewer UF_AP_Approver
    Find an existing voucher Find an existing voucher
    Add supporting documents to vouchers Add supporting documents to vouchers
    View suppliers View suppliers
    Amend ChartFields in vouchers
    Budget Check vouchers
    Create expense journals
    Finalize vouchers

All users of the financial modules of myUFL need the role of UF_SY_BUSUNIT_UFLOR.

DSO Department personnel will need the myUFL role of UF_FI_UNIVERSAL_INQUIRY to have authority to view vouchers and UF_AP_VOUCHER_PROCESSOR to input vouchers and Revenue Refunds in the myUFL system.

Receipt of Goods and Services

All departments must maintain a proper method to document the receipt of all goods and services prior to an invoice being processed for payment.

Receiving is required to be performed in the MPS system for purchases of capital assets.

  1. When approving an invoice applied against an encumbrance for capital assets, complete the asset section in MPS by checking the box and completing all the required information for capitalization
    receipt of goods example

Basic Payment Requirements

Keep these rules in mind and apply them when necessary:

  1. No balances for prior purchases will be paid unless supported by an invoice
  2. A statement should not be paid unless it can be clearly shown that the supplier intended it to be used as an invoice
  3. Ensure all sensitive information, social security number, credit card number, or driver’s license number has been redacted

Procedures for Encumbered Disbursements

Once goods and services are received, an invoice is processed, and a voucher is made to schedule payment to the supplier.

All invoices should be approved in the MPS system:

  1. Navigate to: Main Menu > My Self Service > myUF Payment Solutions
  2. Follow the steps in the MPS Instruction Guide for Encumbered Invoices
  3. Once all payments have been made against an encumbrance, any remaining encumbered funds can be released through the myUFL Accounts Payable system
    1. Navigate to last voucher applied against PO > “Finalized Document” icon (pink)
    2. This will close the PO and not allow future vouchers to be applied against the encumbrance
    3. The remaining balance of the PO will be restored to the proper departmental budget
  4. If needed, a PO can be reopened through the myUFL AP system as well
    1. Research and open the last voucher applied against the encumbrance > “Undo Finalize” icon (green)
  5. Vouchers must be budget checked to update the commitment control ledgers
  6. You can also utilize the finalize option located on the invoice line of a voucher to close specific lines of the PO

Procedures for Unencumbered Disbursements

As stated above, ensure that only allowable purchases are made unencumbered, and pay special attention to these payments.  They bypass the University’s purchasing system and should only occur where normal purchasing procedures are not available or where purchasing procedures do not provide any benefit to the transaction.

Unencumbered vouchers will fail budget checking if the budget is insufficient for the payment of the invoice.

All invoices should be approved in the MPS system by:

  1. Navigate to: Main Menu > My Self Service > myUF Payment Solutions
  2. Follow the steps in the MPS Instruction Guide for Unencumbered Invoices

Complete a Transaction Authorization Form if supporting documentation does not exist for a transaction in MPS.

Procedures for Invoices Containing Personal Health Information (PHI)

Suppliers that submit invoices containing PHI should be contacted by either the department or Disbursements and directed to send such invoices directly to the department for processing of payment.  These invoices should not be submitted electronically by the supplier into the MPS system.

  1. Complete The HSC-PHI Cover Sheet with the information acquired from the received invoice/statement
  2. The original invoice/statement containing the PHI should be kept by the department and not submitted as backup documentation to the voucher for payment in MPS
  3. The completed HSC–PHI form should be the only backup documentation in MPS
  4. Follow the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Create a Check Request
  5. Upload the completed HSC-PHI form as a trailing document

One-Time Payments

Refunds must be entered as check requests in the MPS system, including all the pertinent information needed to create a voucher.

All one time payments to suppliers should follow normal methods for adding new suppliers.

Please contact either addsupplier@ufl.edu or disbursements@ufl.edu for questions and assistance.

  1. Follow the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Create a Check Request
  2. Route the check request to a Supplier/Voucher team member (as of 4/2019):
    • Jared VanAusdale
    • Barbara Gordon
    • Crystal Porchiazzo
    • Andreas Gross
    • Patricia D Godwin (Dannielle)
    • Barbie Cromwell
  1. A single-payment voucher in PeopleSoft will be created. The voucher number will be the check request’s number with the leading “P” as opposed to “1”. This example’s voucher number in PS will be P0243416
  2. The check request will then be declined in the MPS system with the reason code: Single Pay Supplier – Manually input in PS

Additional Information

To make corrections after a payment has posted, perform an E2E Journal Entry.  The originator of an E2E journal entry should never debit or credit a budgetary cost center in which they do not have budgetary responsibility.


Check Request

This is used to manually create a payment request (voucher). The check request is only utilized to process unencumbered payments such as revenue refunds, special check handling requirements, and payment from funds transferred from the University Foundation. [Back to Top]


An encumbrance represents a commitment, which generally results from the issuance of a purchase order for which goods or services being purchased have not yet been received. Since the goods or services being purchased have not been received, they are not considered a liability and therefore, no legal obligation to pay exists. Encumbrances are deducted from budget balances. This is done as a budgetary control and should not be construed as an actual expenditure. [Back to Top]

Last Revised

6/19/2019: reviewed content


UF HR Toolkit – Approving an Invoice for an Encumbered Payment

UF HR Toolkit – Approving an Invoice for an Unencumbered Payment

UF HR Toolkit – Creating a Check Request

UF HR Toolkit – Journal Entries


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