Voucher Entry Tips

Select Your Vendor Carefully

Vendor ID: This is a numerical field.
Vendor Short Name: If you use this to search, use “contains” and just put a few letters in.
Name 1: This is the Vendor’s long name. You can search with “contains” but only put a few letters in to get the best search.

Correct Remit Address

Check the payment tab to ensure that you have the correct remittance address. If not, notify addvendor@ufl.edu. You may still save the voucher, but once you know the correct remit address is in, go back and change the remit on the Payment tab. If you see no choices on the remit tab, notify addvendor@ufl.edu with the correct remit address. Also, send a copy of the invoice.

Invoice Date

Please ensure that this is the date on the invoice from the vendor. PeopleSoft uses this number to send payment to the vendor and it helps us identify any problem invoices and/or payments.

Invoice Number

The invoice number is critical so that the vendor can identify the payment. If you do not see an invoice number, call your vendor. In some cases, the account number can be used with a note as to what month is being paid (eg GRU). The field allows 30 characters of your choice.

Invoices and Backup Documents

Send invoices and backup documents only when they have a voucher number on them. The documents need to be sent to Fax Imaging as soon as possible. Checks are not sent out without the backup. Your backup documentation requirements have not changed.

Employee Reimbursements

Please remember that we need to know what was purchased and its purpose to the University. These are completed in the Travel and Expense Module.

What Vendor Terms Do I Use for a Wired Payment?

When inputting a voucher for an expenditure where the payment will be wired, make sure the vendor terms are set to 30 Days. This will have no bearing on the wire. The wire will still be performed by Accounting Controls once the proper paperwork is received. But PeopleSoft is creating checks before the information can be input setting the voucher to a payment classification of wire.

What Happens When I Want to Pay Part of an Encumbrance?

When you select your PO through the Copy From option, be aware that you have the option to choose the lines you want to pay. When you pay a partial, you can choose the lines you want to pay and change the amount in the invoice line of the voucher.

Voucher Lines:

The total of the voucher lines must equal the total payment amount. The extended amount in each line (upper right of the LINE) must equal the Amount in the lower left chartfield distribution.

You may pay several invoices off of one purchase order. When you are finished with a PO and have made all the payments you plan to make from it, please “finalize the document” by clicking the Finalize button, click OK, then save and budget check to release the balance back to budget.

Where Can I Get Further Help with Vouchers?