Credit Card Equipment

In addition to accepting online payments via IPAY, departments may have Point of Sale (POS) systems that utilize vendor equipment for credit/debit card processing. Departments are prohibited from purchasing processing equipment without explicit written permission from Payment Card Operations. Credit card processing equipment needs to be compliant with all rules and policies in order to minimize potential risk for the University of Florida.

Departments are required to contact Payment Card Operations to evaluate any potential product purchase.

If a department would like to offer customers a way to make online credit card payments (eCommerce), they are required to contact Payment Card Operations for additional information regarding an IPAY account.

Please contact Payment Card Operations for a listing of the currently available terminals and pricing.

Terminal Connection

Connection Type Processing Time
Analog Connection: Dedicated analog phone line is needed (Digital phone line will not work with terminals) 6 -8 seconds
VOIP Connection (Voice over IP): IP-based communication Ethernet (DSL or Cable) 3 to 4 seconds
Please note: Quarterly vulnerability scans are required, as per PCI DSS requirement

*All phone lines which are connected to credit card machines must have their voice mail turned off. No voice recordings are allowed on phone lines connected to credit card machines.

Terminal Troubleshooting

If you should experience an issue with your credit card terminal:

  • Unplug terminal power. Wait 10 seconds, plug back in.
  • Call Relationship Services at 1-800-725-1245, Option 2 (Available 24/7). Be sure to provide your merchant number and validate your location address. A representative will talk you through the issue until resolution and/or send out a replacement terminal.
  • You can access credit card terminal instructional videos at