How Do I Become a Credit Card Merchant?

Merchant Accounts

(Credit card terminals or swiping machines)
All potential merchants requiring a credit card processing terminal or machine must complete a Request for Credit Card Merchant ID, and forward it to:

Treasury Management
Attn: Payment Card Operations
PO Box 112008

All requests must be approved by the University Controller’s Office. Payment Card Operations will order the equipment for you, set up your merchant account, and review all associated fees.

To close a Merchant Account, notify Payment Card Operations by email ( Make sure to include your merchant account name and ID number.

eCommerce Accounts

All credit card processing operations, including eCommerce, are required to be approved by Payment Card Operations. Contact us for assistance in completing an eCommerce application for credit card transactions. All requests must be reviewed by the University of Florida eCommerce Committee before the final approval can be given by the University Controller’s Office.

To close an eCommerce Account, email Payment Card Operations and include the merchant account’s name and ID number.

See the IPAY page for more information.

Refunds to Credit Card Transactions

According to the card brand’s (i.e. Visa or Mastercard) Merchant Operating Guides (MOG), any refunds to credit card transactions need to be processed back to the same credit card account as the original transaction. The refund must not exceed the original transaction amount.
Credit card refunds that need to be generated based on erroneous IPAY eCommerce transactions can be requested from Payment Card Operations. Complete the eCommerce Credit Card Refund form and submit to:

Treasury Management
Payment Card Operations
Criser Hall S-113
PO Box 112008