Posting Distributions for Grants

Project End Dates

When posting distributions after a project’s end date, be sure to check the funding end date. If there is no extension indicated, look for alternative earnings account code (EAC). Once the extension is approved and funds are transferred, you may use this EAC and retro back any salaries charged to the temporary account.

To check a project end date, use public query: UF_GM_PROJ_END_DATE_BY DEPT_X and you can use a wildcard (“%”) to get data on a unit-wide basis.

Negative Budgets

To clear a negative budget for the present EAC, the first option would be to retro the distribution. For prior year retros, please complete the Payroll Distribution/Retro Request form and the payroll cost transfer form and email both to your college/VP area level office staff for processing.

Payroll Corrections

A retro distribution should be attempted before a journal entry is submitted for a payroll correction. If you use method described in the Retros section of this site, you should be able to get an amount retroed to within cents. Criteria for processing a journal on expired grants is that prior year amount be under $100. If the distribution doesn’t work, please see further instructions.