Fiscal Year-End Distributions

All department budget tables for active employees will be carried forward to the next year in June on the current year rollover date. The actual rollover date and other year-end deadlines will be confirmed through the listserv and in FY End Memo and Year End Meetings. When this happens, the system will save the department budget tables, without activating or posting them. It is then the responsibility of the departments to activate all of the department budget tables for their area within a few weeks. This gives the departments time to review the distributions for accuracy, as many distributions likely change with the start of a new fiscal year.

Inactivated Department Budget Tables

A list of  department budget tables, inactivated or missing distributions will be sent out periodically to the listserv before the deadline. A few reasons the rollover process may not automatically activate the department budget table are:

  • To prevent department budget tables from activating that shouldn’t be activated. An example of this would be when a termination is in process but not fully approved until after the rollover. Once approved (assuming it’s a term 6/30 or prior), no department budget table is necessary in the new fiscal year, as this person will no longer be an employee. If a systematic activation happened, the result would be unnecessary department budget tables in the system. The department would NOT activate the department budget table and allow it to be deleted in the mass deletion that occurs in mid-July of any inactivated department budget tables.
  • Project begin and end dates in relation to their employee’s department budget tables. In reviewing each one, departments should become aware if they have someone distributed on an expired grant. A systematic posting would not identify this issue. So if project ends before end of fiscal year (6/30) then a contingent combination code would need to be used to complete the department budget table through the end of the fiscal year.
  • Incorrectly deactivated employees. These would not need to be activated. After the deadline to post the new FY department budget tables has passed, there will be a systematic removal of all inactivated new FY department budget tables. If these were deleted and you actually did need these, then you will have to manually create these department budget tables.

It is strongly recommended to activate faculty positions as well, so as to avoid the additional work of having to create department budget tables.

New Hires and Terminated Employees

If your new hire is set up in job data by the deadline indicated in the listserv email, you may be able to go ahead and enter the department budget table for the FY just ending. Plus you will also need to enter a department budget table for the new FY starting. However, if it is a cross-college distribution, you will need to submit your Payroll Distribution/Retro Request (PDRR) forms to your college level/Vice President level processors by the deadline indicated.

In years where there is a cross over pay period (part in one fiscal year and rest in the next fiscal year) —- note that if you do not have a department budget table for the prior fiscal year but do have a new fiscal year distribution at the time the first pay period (i.e. 6/29/18 – 7/12/18) is processed for payment, it is possible that that 6/29/18 portion of pay will be turned off and not paid or if paid then the employee will receive payment for the prior FY but it will be charged to your department default Chartfield. So it is important that the department budget table for the FY just ending is created in time to be entered prior to the close of the first pay period of the new fiscal year (i.e. 7/12/18) so the employee’s pay is charged correctly. If it is your intent to pay 6/29/18 off of state related funds, the FY18 department budget table must be created in order to access these funds.

Department budget tables for terminated employees do not need to be activated.  A process is run in mid- July to delete the inactivated department budget tables and these department budget tables for the terminated employees will be automatically deleted with that process.

If the termination for an employee is to occur at the end of the FY and is not in Job Data when the first pay period in new FY is processed for payment, the employee would still appear in the system. If Time & Labor is not corrected manually, payment could occur in error to the employee. If payment to the employee does happen the charges may go to a department default chart field as you would not have activated new FY department budget table for this employee if during the crossover pay period or it is possible that the pay may be turned off and not paid at all. Otherwise, after the fiscal year cross over pay period it will be charged to the current year’s department budget table at the time of payment. Note that some payments will spread over the entire 10-day period so there needs be both FY17 and FY18 department budget tables available to charge to for 6/29/18 – 7/12/18.


In June, you will be notified via the listserv email message when the deadline is for entering the last department budget table change that may occur in FY18 and also you will be provided the deadline date when the last and final journal entry for payroll cost transfers may be submitted for corrections to state related funds for FY18. Once these deadlines have passed, you will have no recourse to correct prior year state related payroll expenditures so that these charges occur in FY18.

If you pay an employee for time in June that did not have a department budget table created and we are now in July or thereafter in a new fiscal year and you are just now paying them so that the payment will occur in July, then the payment will charge against the new CY department budget table to current dates, Once we are completely in the new fiscal year, all charges will go to the existing and current department budget table, no matter what dates the payment is for and being made to the employee.  No prior fiscal year department budget tables may be created after start of the new fiscal year (see fiscal year end task/deadline schedule for details).