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Payroll Distributions – Creating and Editing

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of entering and managing new and existing payroll distributions.

Reason for Directive

New distributions are required when an employee is first hired or is rehired on a different employee record number.  A new distribution is also necessary if there is a transfer to a new department as well as at the beginning of a new fiscal year.

Who must comply?

All UF departments.

Enter Distributions in myUFL

  1. Prior to entering a distribution, verify the employee’s Job Data in myUFL

Note: If Job Data is still “pending” a distribution will be able to be entered

  1. Navigate to: Main Menu -> Human Resources -> Workforce Administration -> Job Information -> Job Data
  2. In Job Data, ensure you choose the correct employee record number
  3. Verify the information in Job Data reflects where the employee has been hired
    • Employee record
    • Department
    • Effective start date
  4. If the information is incorrect, a distribution cannot be entered until the ePAF is corrected
  5. If all information is correct, create a distribution following the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Create a New Department Budget Table for a New Hire
  6. Save all distributions created in the Department Budget Table

Grant Distributions after a Project’s End Date

  1. Ensure that projects are active and not expired by verifying the Grant dates
  2. Look for an alternative source of funding (different combination code) if there is no extension indicated
  3. Use the alternate combination code to charge salaries temporarily until the extension is approved
  4. Once the extension is approved and funds are transferred, create a Retro for any salaries charged to the temporary combination code

To clear a negative payroll balance, create a retroactive distribution in the Department Budget Table.

Cross-College Distributions

Distributions are set up based on employee’s home department and funding source; you will be able to view only employees under your department and those for whom you have security to view.

  1. To view employees in another department with whom you are collaborating, request that the home department provide you with the UF_KA_Budgeting_Inquiry role

Temporary and 9/10-Month Employees

 When hiring a temporary, 9- or 10-month employee, you will still distribute for the entire year.

Please note that a distribution only indicates where to charge a payroll expense and does not calculate a check for the employee.  Therefore, the 9- or 10-month employee’s salary only gets charged against the distribution when there is active job data that applies to that distribution

  1. Post a distribution for 9- and 10-month employees from hire date through the end of the fiscal year, as the short work break constitutes continued employment
  2. Ensure that job data is updated using the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Short Work Break to reflect the short work break and return to work

Generate Payroll Distributions for Prior Employees

The Prior Employees in Commitment Accounting instruction guide provides tips to complete a payroll distribution for a prior employee.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


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Prior Employees in Commitment Accounting Instruction Guide

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UF HR Toolkit – Commitment Accounting

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