Payroll Distributions

New and Existing Distributions

New distributions are required when an employee is first hired or is rehired on a different employee record number. A new distribution is also necessary if there is a transfer to a new department as well as at the beginning of a new fiscal year.


Also known as Payroll Cost Transfers. This section provides information on how to complete retros and find retro reports as well as information specific to fringe benefits, grants, corrections and errors.

Posting Distributions for Grants

Information regarding payroll distributions in sponsored projects.

Journal Entry for Payroll Cost Corrections

All payroll corrections should be attempted through a retro to the distributions first. If a retro to the distribution does not completely correct the charge, then this general journal entry process can be used.

Fiscal Year-End Distributions

Distributions are posted at the end of every fiscal year.  All distributions for active employees in the present year in June at a certain date will be rolled over to the next year.

Payroll Distributions Listserv

This listserv is role-generated for employees with the UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_TRAINEE, UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_ADMIN and the UF_KA_PAYROLL_BUDGETING roles.