Loan Entrance Counseling and Disbursements

For students receiving first-time federal loans (Federal Direct Loans and Federal Perkins Loans), Entrance Counseling and signing of Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed prior to disbursement of funds.

Federal Direct Loans

Entrance Counseling and signing of MPNs are completed online at

Federal Perkins Loans

The University Bursar mails instructions to students to be completed online through its loan servicing partner, Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI).  This signed MPN covers all subsequent Federal Perkins loans accepted by the borrower until the Perkins MPN expires (up to 10 years).  This MPN is automatically voided if no disbursements are made within 12 months after signing the note.  A loan cannot be disbursed until all electronic documents are accurately completed and loan award is accepted by the student.

Perkins borrowers must review/complete disclosure statement and accept each term’s award before funds for that term can be disbursed.  To complete Perkins Loan “Disclosures,” visit Student Self Service and navigate to “Financial Aid,” then “Aid Status.” To complete a Perkins Loan “Acceptance,” visit Student Self Service, then navigate to “Financial Aid,” then “Awards and Disbursements.”  These requirements should be completed as soon as possible to ensure funds are disbursed early at the beginning of the appropriate term.  For more information, contact the University Bursar at S-113 Criser Hall, (352) 392-0737 or electronic procedure for Perkins borrowers is as follows:

        1. Accept your Federal Perkins award via Student Self Service
        2. Click on “Financial Aid,” “Aid Status,” and then “Federal Perkins Loan Disclosure/Acceptance”
        3. Click on “Disclosure” to view the total cumulative balance of your University of Florida Perkins loan. To access the Disclosure, you must enter the following information which will be provided to you in the letter mailed from the University Bursar:
          1. Social Security Number
          2. Password/Pin Number = ECSI Pin
        4. After viewing your Disclosure, click “Ready to Confirm” and enter your Gatorlink Username and password.
        5. Complete the loan confirmation by accepting, reducing or canceling the award.
        6. Read and sign your electronic Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note.  Click on “E-Sign Note.”