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Exit Counseling


Exit counseling is required of any student who received a student loan(s) and/or Federal TEACH Grant while attending the University of Florida. This counseling is designed to assist students with understanding their rights and responsibilities that applies to their loan or Federal TEACH Grant award.

Please note: Those who do not complete Exit Counseling will have their official transcript, diploma, and other University services placed on hold until this requirement is completed. After Exit Counseling has been completed, the exit counseling hold will be removed from the student’s record within 48 hours.

When to Complete Exit Counseling

A student must complete Exit Counseling upon:

  • Withdrawing
  • Dropping below half-time enrollment
  • Graduating from their program of study at the University of Florida

Graduating students will receive an exit counseling requirement notice via email for Federal Direct/Grad PLUS loans/TEACH Grant recipients and/or letter notification for all other loans prior to commencement.

For Federal Perkins, Federal Health Professions, and Institutional loan borrowers, the repayment schedule will be provided during the online exit counseling session.

Federal Direct/Grad PLUS loan borrowers will receive repayment information directly from their Direct Loan Servicer during their 6 month grace period.

Students who drop below half-time enrollment or withdraw from the University of Florida and have not completed the Exit Counseling session online will be mailed the exit counseling information.

Information Covered in Exit Counseling:

  • Loan Repayment Plan
  • Repayment Options
  • Deferment and Forbearance Options
  • Cancellation Options
  • Loan Consolidation
  • Loan Rehabilitation
  • Debt Management
  • Prepayment information
  • Consequences of Default on loan and service obligation
  • Service obligation for TEACH Grant recipients

Where to Complete Exit Counseling

For your convenience, Exit Counseling is provided online on the following websites:

Helpful Websites

To access your specific Federal Direct Loan(s) information online, visit

Visit StudentAid.gov for general information about planning and paying for college, repaying federal student loans, and resolving disputes.

U.S. Department of Education Ombudsman Office

The Ombudsman Office is a final resource for individuals who have utilized all other customer service avenues. Before contacting the Ombudsman, borrowers concerned about student loans should contact their loan holder or visit the Ombudsman website for further information.  Current students should contact their financial aid office first.  The easiest way to contact the Ombudsman is to file an online assistance request through the Office’s website.  The Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group is a neutral, informal, and confidential resource to help resolve disputes about federal student aid.

U.S. Department of Education
FSA Ombudsman
830 First Street, NE
Fourth Floor
Washington, DC 20202-5144
Toll Free Phone: 1-877-557-2575

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


Federal Direct/Grad PLUS Loans and Federal TEACH Grants

Federal Perkins/Federal Health Professions/UF Institutional Loans



U.S. Department of Education: 1-800-433-3243

Bursar: (352) 392-0737

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