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Spreadsheet Voucher Upload

The Spreadsheet Voucher upload feature allows for the user to enter data using Microsoft Excel and provides the ability to import and build vouchers directly into the myUFL database.  This functionality supports regular and single payment voucher additions.  This method of voucher creation will be allowed for the following types of transactions only:

  • Unencumbered vouchers to suppliers with more than 10 lines (regular voucher)
  • Unencumbered refunds to individuals, not established suppliers, 10 or more recipients (single payment voucher)

All other invoices should be created and approved via the myUFMarketplace system.

Regular Voucher

Use the Voucher Upload – Regular Voucher template for vouchers with 10 or more lines that have an established supplier ID.

Single Payment Voucher

Use the Voucher Upload – Single Payment template for one time payments to ten or more individuals where no supplier ID is needed.

The Voucher Upload Approval Form will be required for all voucher uploads. Please complete and have the Dept1 and Dept2 sign for approval of the upload.  Submit to University Disbursements along with the completed spreadsheet template.

Once the spreadsheet template and approval form are complete, attach to Disbursements Contact Form for upload to myUFL.