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Delinquent State Taxes

The Department of Revenue will periodically provide the University with a file of suppliers with delinquent State taxes.  Upon receiving a request for payment (voucher) to one of these delinquent suppliers, the payment will be denied.  Suppliers should be directed to contact the Department of Revenue if they have any questions concerning the tax delinquency.

Once the delinquent tax liability has been resolved with the Department of Revenue, the payment request can be resubmitted for processing.  The receipt for resolution of the delinquent taxes provided from the Department of Revenue must be included with the resubmitted payment request.

Delinquent Federal Taxes

Levies are received from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), notifying the State that Federal taxes are owed by a particular supplier.  Upon receipt of the levies, a flag is placed on the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and the supplier name to ensure that any payment made to that supplier is scheduled to the U.S. Treasury on behalf of the supplier.

The flag will be removed from the FEIN and supplier name when release of levy is received from the IRS, indicating that a supplier has satisfied the levy requirements.

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