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Compiled Quality Assurance Resources

This page provides a compiled list of resources to assist departments with quality assurance of sponsored project expenses.

For questions and assistance, please contact Internal Controls & Quality Assurance at (352) 392-1321.

University of Florida Resources

  1. University of Florida Cost Principles Policy: Defines the University of Florida policy for cost principles
  2. University of Florida Cost Principles Directives and Procedures: Provides additional information about cost principles
  3. Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) : Defines Cost Accounting Standards
  4. Unallowable Expenses : Provides the criteria for identifying and allocating unallowable costs as defined in 2 CFR 200
  5. Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Account Codes : Identifies account codes that require CAS Exemption
  6. Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Job Codes : Identifies job codes that require CAS exemptions
  7. CAS Exemption Form: Instructions on how to request a CAS exemption in UFIRST
  8. Disbursements Directives and Procedures : Identifies allowable purchases
  9. University of Florida Travel Directives and Procedures : Provides direction for individuals who undertake travel on behalf of the University and identifies allowable travel expenses
  10. General Accounting and Financial Reporting: Provides an overview of UF’s accounting system
  11. Chartfields: Provides a list and explanation of account codes, fund codes, program codes, and additional Chartfield information

Other Resources

  1. 2CFR200 – Quick Reference Guide: Federal regulations guide published by the Office of Management and Budget
  2. NIH Grants and Funding – Post-Award Monitoring and Reporting: Information about post-award monitoring and reporting requirements for NIH
  3. NSF Policy Outreach Office – Award Management: Addresses post-award requirements and conditions and will outline the responsibility of those involved in the award process for NIH
  4. AGA Grants and Program Management: Provides information about potential issues and best practices for sponsored projects

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04/30/2022: updated content


Internal Controls & Quality Assurance: (352) 392-1321