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Compiled Quality Assurance Resources

This page provides a compiled list of resources to assist departments with items related to quality assurance of sponsored project expenses.

For questions and assistance, please contact Internal Controls & Quality Assurance at (352) 392-1321.

2CFR200 – Quick Reference Guide
Federal regulations guide published by the Office of Management and Budget

Unallowable Expenses 
Provides the criteria for identifying and allocating unallowable costs as defined in 2 CFR 200

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) 
Defines Cost Accounting Standards

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Account Codes 
Identifies account codes that require CAS Exemption

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Job Codes 
Identifies job codes that require CAS exemptions

CAS Exemption Form
Instructions on how to request a CAS exemption in UFIRST

Cost Principles Policy 

Cost Principles Directives and Procedures 

Disbursements Directives and Procedures 
Identifies allowable purchases

University of Florida Travel Directives and Procedures 
Provides direction for individuals who undertake travel on behalf of the University and identifies allowable travel expenses

General Accounting and Financial Reporting
Provides an overview of UF’s accounting system

Provides a list and explanation of account codes, fund codes, program codes, and additional Chartfield information

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Quality Assurance: (352) 392-1321