HSP: Getting Started

To get started with HSP, please take the following steps:

  • Ensure your study has been granted IRB approval.
  • Ensure you have requested the proper security roles and completed the necessary associated training.
  • After you have taken the required training, been granted your security role(s) and received IRB approval, complete the Study Fund Request page under Human Subject Payments in the myUFL system.  Click the submit button to route the SFR to your department or college approver.
  • Your area’s approver will look to see if there is enough available balance to charge the payments.  If not, you will need to charge another, unrestricted source initially and change the cost center later as is appropriate.  You can easily Modify an existing approved Study Fund Request to change the Funding Source.
  • According to IRS requirements, collect the participants’ names and addresses unless you meet one of the criteria below:\
      1. The study is anonymous (the identity of the participants is not known to the researcher).
      2. The study has received an exemption due to the extreme sensitivity of the information. (This will be a very rare occurrence. Please contact us at Treasury-HSP@admin.ufl.edu for more information.)

        In addition, you must collect SSNs unless the study will pay participants $75 or less in a calendar year.

Please contact Treasury Management’s HSP team either by email, Treasury-HSP@admin.ufl.edu or by phone at (352) 392-9057 if you need help.