Journal Entry for Payroll Cost Corrections

This procedure is for payroll cost corrections only (payroll GL accounts beginning with 6 or 7 only).

All current year and last two prior fiscal years payroll corrections should be attempted through a retro to the department budget table first. If a retro to the department budget table does not completely correct the charge (it should be able to retro to within cents of the desired correction amount – see Retros section), please contact Payroll Staff at (352) 294-7268 for further assistance. Should it be determined that a retro will not work, then this general journal entry process can be used.

Other examples of when to use general journal entry include corrections on:

  • FY Fringe Benefit Pool rate differentials
  • T-32 Stipend fringe not allowed on grants
  • Corrections for items prior to recent two “prior fiscal years” – please note the FY/dates in your journal description/reason
  • If project has expired and final corrections being made are less than $100
  • If need to correct prior fiscal year state appropriated funds, may do so with usage of CYFWD funds
  • Partial pay periods that did not retro and Payroll advises cannot be corrected with subsequent retros
  • GL account only corrections (which rarely occur)

Payroll Correction Journals are to be processed as indicated in the Journal Training information. You will need the Journal Author role (UF_GL_END_USER) so that you can use the source of ONL or UPL to enter payroll correction journals. The FA-GA-JEUFLOR journal entry template is used to upload and create journals.

    1. Payroll Correction Journals involving cross colleges should include supporting documentation in the form of a letter or email from the cross college indicating that the charge is approved. Please include attachments to the journal for the cross college approvals along with the payroll cost distribution reports as your support documentation for your journal.
    2. Payroll Correction Journals that are to funds 201/209 should include authorization that is obtained through Contracts and Grants (C&G) at Be sure to include the Payroll Cost Transfer Form when sending your approval request to C&G. Please attach the C&G approval and Payroll Cost Transfer form along with the payroll cost distribution reports as your support documentation for your journal.
    3. Payroll Correction Journals to non 201/209 funds and “not” cross college. Please include attachments for the support documentation for the journal – the payroll cost distribution reports.
    4. Payroll Cost Distribution Reports (PCDRs) and other noted items from 1 -3 must be submitted as part of your documentary support and attached to the journal in the “Attachments” section.

Journal Tips:

    1. All required Chart Field values must be valid. Do not use any special characters in the header or the template such as &, <, >, “, and ‘ or the entry will fail to post properly.
    2. Sufficient balance must be available – this payroll correction will NOT override available balance. Please check available balance in Budget Details before entering transfer amount – see Main Menu>Commitment Control>Review Budget Activities>Budget Details
    3. For payroll corrections involving grants please ensure that budget dates are verified – see MyUFL FI query, UF_GM_PROJ_END_DATES_BY_DEPT_X or at Budget Details. If the grant has already been closed, communicate with the C&G grant specialist to extend the closing date to enable payroll corrections to be posted.
    4. Fringe Benefit Charges – If correcting salary, then these do not need to be included on the journal as the journal you create to correct earnings will also automatically generate an additional and separate Fringe Benefit Pool (FBP) journal for the fringe.
    5. Include the employee’s UFID information in all of the EMPLID fields of the journal line Chart Fields.

Enterprise reporting path to the Payroll Cost Distribution Report (PCDR):

  • Enterprise Reporting -> Access Reporting->Public Folders -> Human Resources Information -> Pay Information -> Current Pay Cycle -> Prompted Cost Distribution Reports -> PDF-Payroll or Fellowship Payroll and Estimated Fringe Benefits by Person or PDF – Payroll or Fellowship Earnings and Estimated Fringe Benefits by Cost Center by Person. These reports are also available in Excel.

Other Important Information: