Change or Edit Your Direct Deposit


  1. Log on to myUFL using your GatorLink username and password
  2. Navigate to Main Menu > My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit
  3. Verify personal information


Note: Do not click the Delete button.
You must maintain a “Balance” account in the system—you can only EDIT your “Balance” account, you cannot delete this balance account

1. Click Pencil icon if you just want to change/edit your existing “Balance” bank account

2. Remove original Routing Number and Account Number and replace with new Routing Number and Account Number (see sample check)

  1. Change Account Type if desired (Checking or Savings)
  2. Deposit Type must be “Balance
  3. Deposit Order will automatically default to 999 for all changes to the balance account
  4. Click Submit button.
    Change is instantaneous; after Submit button is hit your direct deposit information is updated (see Payroll Calendar Schedule for when the changes will impact your direct deposit).