Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a requirement for all employees (excluding Federal Work Study students, but is still encouraged). This is in accordance with UF regulation University rule 6C1-3.0422 which states, “All employees, including temporary hires and non-work study students, are required to participate in the Direct Deposit Program as a condition of employment, regardless of date of hire.”

Employees are required to make a change to their direct deposit account information should there be a change in their bank account or financial institution. Employees can change or EDIT an existing balance account or add an amount account online via the myUFL system (My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit). Please see the below links for step by step instructions.

Change Direct Deposit 

Change or edit your existing balance account by changing the routing number and account using Edit.

Add/Edit Amount Account/(s) 

Add account(s) that can have a stated amount by using Add Account. You can add two Amount Accounts in addition to your Balance Account. Your monies will go into your amount account first, with the remainder going into your balance account.

FAQs and Definitions

See the Direct Deposit section on the Payroll and Tax Services FAQ page.

Deposit of Travel Reimbursements



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