In general, the DeptFlex field is an optional ten-digit alpha numeric field designed for departmental use. Departments can choose to use the DeptFlex field in order to meet their own reporting requirements. DeptFlex may be required for certain funds.

Departments use DeptFlex as an additional classification for transactions. This allows the tracking of expenses and revenues based on the department’s needs.

DeptFlex fields are required for several funds, including DCE fund 143, Concession fund 192 and Scholarship funds 131, 251 and 901. These required DeptFlex fields are maintained in the core offices and cannot be requested by campus departments. For all other funds, DeptFlex fields are an optional field. See the “Required Chartfield by Fund” spreadsheet.

Finding and Requesting a DeptFlex

Anyone may request a DeptFlex field; however, all requests must be submitted to, and are subject to approval by, the Chartfield liaison for your college/unit.

To find a DeptFlex, login to myUFL and navigate to: Main Menu > Financials > Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Design ChartFields > Define Values > ChartField Values > Dept Flex. Next, type the first four digits of your Department ID. This will bring a list of your department’s DeptFlex.

To request a new DeptFlex, complete the Flex Request form. Be sure that all required fields are completed for section 1 (Date, Liaison, Dept Contact, Contact Phone number, Contact’s email, College). In section 2, USING ALL CAPS, complete Flex ID (10 max characters starting with your four digit Dept ID) and Flex Description (30 max characters). Finally, email your request to the Chartfield Liaison for your college. The liaison will submit the request to:

General Accounting updates the PeopleSoft system weekly and will include all requests since the prior Monday’s upload. General Accounting will notify the liaison via email when the flex code is ready for use.

Flex Codes may be inactivated upon request from the department, as long as the Flex Code has been inactive for the past two years.

Departments are discouraged from changing the DeptFlex and/or their descriptions.  Instead, a new DeptFlex should be created.