General Information

Surplus Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

To get rid of surplus items in your area, make a list of the items you need to get rid of consisting of Decal Numbers, General Description of each item and their serial numbers.  Give this list to your department property contact to enter your request in the MyAssets system. Since the majority of equipment picked up is non-decaled equipment, the serial number is needed as well as accurate descriptions in order for the pickup team to identify the items listed on the pickup form.

For items that will need to be picked up, complete a Surplus Pickup request, by navigating to the Main Menu in MyAssets.  Click on “Report of Survey – Surplus Pickup Request.”  Type in each decal number to be picked up in the upper left corner.  There is a link in the upper right corner for non-decal numbers.  Answer all questions and check boxes before submitting your request. Once your request has been approved by your Department Custodian, the request will be scheduled and picked up within 10 days.  You will receive notification by e-mail.

Items can also be dropped off directly to the warehouse.  Please call first to verify that the request has been approved by your department before delivering items.

Renovations and Construction

If your department is planning to undergo renovations or construction, please contact the Surplus Warehouse staff for an on-site assessment of your situation.  We will evaluate and recommend the best way of handling your surplus.  Large projects are completed with greatest success if early notification is rendered.


Anyone, with the exception of surplus auction staff, is eligible to participate in online auctions—including faculty, staff and students as well as the general public. Auctions run for 14 calendar days, during which time registered bidders place bids and the highest bidder at the time the auction closes wins the auction.  Auctions may extend for five additional minutes so as to give everyone a chance to place their final bids.  Items not sold are either reposted for public auction, donated to a non-profit organization, transferred back for campus utlilization or recylcled.

Surplus Donation Program

The Surplus Warehouse auctions its surplus equipment before it becomes available for donation to non-profit agencies. All non-profit agencies are welcome to bid on UF Surplus Equipment through the University’s online auctions. If an item has not been sold at auction, it will be made available for donations to non-profit agencies.  Non-Profit organizations that wish to participate in UF’s Surplus Donation Program should provide both a copy of their Consumer Certificate of Exemption as well as a signed letter indicating who is authorized to pick up surplus property on behalf of the organization.

Abandoned Property

UPD must notify previous owners of abandoned property and put on legal hold in their compound for 30 days.  This allows any owners a chance to reclaim their lost or abandoned property.  Once UPD has gone through its process, the items are turned over to Asset Management for public auction.  Anyone who needs to claim their abandon property must contact Kenny Beerbower in UPD at 392-4705, even if it has gone to public auction.  The typical items sold are bikes, mopeds, vehicles and other valuables (such as jewelry) from the UF Police Department.

Records Retention

Contact Rick Rembert at Records (294-1792 or  to schedule a pickup of your records.  The items will need to be boxed and labeled at each end.  The label will include a general description and date of the items in the box.  Also on the label you will need to include your departments name , contact information and the retention period of the item.  The retention period can be found at the Records website.   Before the end of the retention period your department will be contacted to verify the items in the box can be destroyed.