Federal Surplus Property Warehouse

In addition to UF’s Surplus Property Warehouse, excess federal property can be obtained from a federal surplus warehouse located in Starke, Florida. A search of their inventory with photos is currently unavailable; however, departments may contact them by phone at (904) 964-5601 for assistance.

Faculty or staff wanting to obtain equipment from the Federal Surplus Division should submit a letter to University Property Services requesting authorization to purchase. The following information must be included:

  • Name
  • UF ID #
  • Department ID and department name
  • Program ID
  • Fund Code
  • Signature of the accountable officer, dean, director, department head or principal investigator

Asset Management Services will issue a letter of authorization for the individual specified. NOTE: The Federal Surplus Division will not allow a purchase without a letter of authorization signed by the designated individual in asset management services. One copy of a numbered Federal Surplus Property invoice will be given to the purchaser for his file at the time of purchase. If the requested item is to be used for “parts”, the purchaser must inform Starke personnel. At the time of purchase, Starke personnel will authorize the cannibalization and indicate such on the copy provide to the purchaser. If this procedure is followed, Asset Management Services will not assign a decal for the item.

Upon return to the University, the purchaser will process the invoice for payment. A copy of the invoice and payment documents should be forwarded to Asset Management Services, PO Box 115300, within five days following the purchase.

When the Original Acquisition Cost of an item multiplied by 23.3% (.233) is $5,000.00 or greater, the item will be recorded on the Property System and a decal will be issued. This will result in the capitalization of items that have an Original Acquisition Cost of $21,459.21 or greater.

When a department acquires items through the Federal Surplus Division, a nominal service charge is applied to cover handling costs and that is all you pay!

Requests for an authorization letter should be sent to Asset Management Services at property@admin.ufl.edu or faxed to (352) 392-4687.

During this time of reduced budgets, this is an opportunity for your department to have access to usable equipment at a minimal cost!