Inventory Management

Un-inventoried Equipment by Department Report

The University’s property inventory cycle begins on July 1 of every year. Departments that complete their own inventory have a January 15 deadline.  Departments that are inventoried by Asset Management have a  March 31 deadline for completing inventory. Check the Un-inventoried Report to see your department’s current inventory status.

Equipment Maintenance Program

The University has entered into an agreement with Specialty Underwriters Group to provide equipment maintenance management to all university locations.

In addition to any regular contact with the on-site SU representative, the following steps are conducted every fiscal year so that your coverage will continue without interruption:

  • In May, depts. will be contacted by the SU rep to verify the equipment that is in the program.
  • The dept will confirm with the SU rep the covered equipment and provide the correct chartfield string in completeness as to where the one-time annual fee will be charged.
  • In late July or early August the dept will be billed by Asset Management to the chartfield string provided.

If a piece of equipment is being added to the program after July 1, the SU rep will provide Asset Management the amount of the pro-rated charge for the remainder of the Fiscal Year. Asset Management will charge the dept for the pro-rated amount.

If a piece of equipment is to be removed from the program prior to June 30, please contact the on-site rep who will process the cancellation and provide Asset Management the amount of refund to the dept. Asset Management will then credit the same chartfield string that was originally charged.

Visit the Purchasing website for details on the program.

For annual billing questions, contact Duane Bowman at (352) 392-2556 or

Using UF Equipment Away from Campus

If you find you need to use a piece of university equipment away from the university, please do the following prior to removing the equipment:

    1. Notify your Department’s Property Contact – If you are not sure who the contact is, see the Custodian/Contact List. The Property Contact will need your UFID number and the UF decal number on the item.
    2. If the item cost less than $5,000 the contact will update the department’s attractive items inventory list.  If the item cost $5,000 or more the       property Contact submits a Property Update Request to Asset Management – This notifies Asset Management to update the official property record to identify the item that will be leaving a UF facility and who will be responsible for the item.
    3. Complete a Non-UF Facility Certification online –  If you have a current e-mail address in the UF directory an e-mail will be sent notifying you that the item is ready for your certification.  If you do not receive the e-mail or the e-mail gets deleted, you can access the on-line certification directly via the Non-UF Facility Certification.  This certification will outline your responsibilities while the UF item is in your possession.  It also fulfills the annual inventory requirements for this item.  If you are regularly traveling with a specific piece of equipment, you only need to complete the Non-UF Facility certification once a year.

Foreign Travel with UF Equipment

Because U.S. export laws occasionally will require an export license to take an item to a specific country, UF policy requires that a Foreign Travel Request be submitted—in addition to following the steps above—before it can be taken outside the United States. It can often take many months to receive an export license, so please be sure to submit a Foreign Travel Request as soon as you are aware that an item will need to be taken or shipped outside the United States.

The individual traveling or shipping the item is ultimately responsible for ensuring a travel request has been submitted and approved prior to travel.  But, anyone with a Gatorlink account can submit the travel request for another individual.  Some departments will have the person submitting the Travel Authorization (TA) also submit the Foreign Travel Request for equipment.  The individual submitting the request will need to forward the approval form to the traveler when it is received.

To submit a Foreign Travel Request,  you will need the travelers UFID, the item’s UF decal number, travel dates and the country or countries the item will be taken.  If you will be taking multiple trips to different countries, submit them all on the same request, just make sure the dates are inclusive.

Asset Management will review the information and approve or deny the request.  When the travel request is processed, the individual who submitted the request will receive an e-mail letting them know the request to take the equipment to another country has been approved or denied.   Occasionally,  an item will require an export license.  In those situations, you will be referred to the Division of Sponsored Research for further assistance.  If an export license is required, you will have to wait for the export license to take the item to the country requested.

Before you leave the U.S., be sure there is a UF decal on the item, print and carry with you the PDF received from Asset Management authorizing the item to be taken out of the U.S.  If a license is required to take this item out of the U.S., DSR will provide additional instructions.  If available, print and carry with you a copy of the purchase invoice for the item