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Annual Inventory Overview

Inventory Deadlines

The Board of Governors requires an annual inventory of all capital assets.  The annual inventory cycle begins July 1st and ends March 31st with the following departmental deadlines:

  • Off-Site Certifications – September 30th
  • High Risk Departments – November 30th
  • STAR and IFAS departments – January 31st
  • Main Campus and Health Science Center Departments – March 31st
  • Attractive Property for all departments – May 31st

Inventory Reports

The following reports are used in the annual inventory process:


STAR Departments

STAR departments have special privileges and responsibilities as it relates to decaling and inventorying their capital assets and attractive property.  Departments that have demonstrated exemplary property practices are eligible to be classified as STAR (Scanning Targeted Auditable Resources) departments.  View the list of STAR departments.

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