Data Destruction and Electronic Waste

University of Florida IT Security Regulations and Data Security Standard require the destruction of data on electronic equipment being disposed or transferred, such as hard drives, tapes, and other magnetic media. Below you will find resources to assist with the securing of media before it leaves your possession.
It is your responsibility to secure your data (on hard drives, diskettes, tapes, flash drives, etc.) prior to its disposal or transfer.¬† We recommend¬†Darik’s Boot and Nuke – DBAN – for X86 and Mac PPC – Support Forum.
For information on UF’s Electronic Waste Recycling Program, please see Section 17 of the Asset Management chapter of Finance and Accounting’s Directives and Procedures.

Other Resources including Software and Methods:

Once you have securely destroyed the data on your computer system, Asset Management recommends installing a free, simple Operating System such as FreeDOS (X86 compatibles), your favorite free *nix Operating System, or the original OEM Operating System. This last step will greatly assist the Asset Management team and the next owner by letting them know the computer is in basic working order before disposal/transfer.