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Viewing Supporting Documentation

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of viewing documentation for approved transactions.

Reason for Directive

The purpose of this directive is to ensure adequate documentation exists for all approved transactions.

Who must comply?

All University Departments.

Security Roles

There are certain myUFL security roles needed to enter or view a voucher.  Contact your Department Security Administrator (DSA) to acquire a role.

  1. UF_N_VOUCHER_IMAGING_VIEW is needed by Imaging Department personnel to view vouchers
    • Contact your DSA or click on “Documents” on the voucher in the myUFL Accounts Payable module
  2. UF_N_MKT_FINANCIAL_APPROVER or UF_N_MKT_REQUESTOR is needed by department personnel
  3. UF_N_VOUCHER_IMAGING_VIEW and UF_FI_UNIVERSAL_INQUIRY is needed by personnel to view images but not input vouchers

Viewing Supporting Documentation

All vouchers will available for viewing in myUFL via the “OnBase Document” button located in the voucher.

uploading attachments


In the UF Marketplace, use the Search feature to select the criteria needed to identify the required invoice population.


Department Security Administrator (DSA)

This is the position designated to coordinate access requests to University’s systems at the Dept ID level.


A voucher is an online request for payment that holds PO/invoice information and creates a payment schedule.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


PCard Instruction Guide


UF HR Toolkit – Paying Suppliers

UF HR Toolkit – myUFMarketplace


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