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Space Management Guidelines


The Space Management Guidelines apply to all University of Florida colleges, schools, departments, centers, institutes, auxiliary units, and other units that are within the University entity. These guidelines are also intended to apply to all direct support organizations, health services support organizations, practice plans, and all other entities affiliated with the University.

Please review the entire Space Management Guidelines for guidance on how space is to be managed at the University of Florida, whether the space is owned by the university or leased from the university or a third party.


The primary objectives of these guidelines are:

  • To provide space decision makers and planners with a conceptual framework that will guide them in the use of both currently assigned and future anticipated space
  • To optimize the use of allocated space—both existing and potentially new
  • To minimize redundancies and eliminate inefficiencies in the use of space
  • To provide a mechanism for informing budget decisions that may be space related
  • To move the university toward a set of best practices related to space management

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Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


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