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Space Allocation Overview

What is Space Allocation?

Space allocation is the annual process of collecting information on how university buildings and rooms are being utilized.  To collect this data, the university uses a web-based computer application called the Space Inventory and Allocation System (SPIN), which has been developed as a joint effort between the Office of Cost Analysis and Planning, Design and Construction.

Why is Space Allocation Important?

The information gathered during the annual space allocation is used for several purposes.

  1. To assist with development of the Facilities & Administrative (FnA) Rate Proposal to the Federal government
  2. To inventory UF space and internally track and monitor how well the University’s space is being used
  3. As a part of the development of the RCM budgeting tool

The results obtained through the annual space allocation (also called the space survey) can translate into millions of dollars in funding for the University of Florida.  In addition, it ensures compliance with Federal and State guidelines and furthers the University’s quest to remain competitive with other educational institutions.

Overview of the Space Allocation Process

Please review the UF Space Inventory and Allocation System (SPIN) User Manual for more detailed information about each of the steps below.

Determine your role in the process

There are two parts of reporting space:

  1. Certifying
  2. Authorizing (must be at Dean, Director, or Department Chair level)

These must be done by different people and will require different security roles.

Access the SPIN System

  1. Take RSH210: Space Allocations
  2. Request the appropriate role from your DSA

Gather and Prepare Information for Input

  1. Become familiar with the space allocation categories
  2. Interview your room occupants (use the Space Interview Form if needed)

Input Information into the SPIN System

  1. Add, update and/or remove occupants in the SPIN system
  2. Enter and submit space allocation information
  3. Verify any projects assigned to the room(s)

Certify and Authorize the Space Allocation

Once all rooms have been accurately allocated, the department(s) can be certified.  After certification, the status will change from “complete” to “certified.”  Once the space has been certified, it can be authorized.  After it is authorized, the status will change to “authorized.”


Space Inventory and Allocation System (SPIN) Login Page

Space Inventory & Allocation System FY2021 Video


Cost Analysis: (352) 392-5778 (Space Allocation/Project Questions)

Planning, Design, and Construction: (352) 273-4006 (Space Change Requests/Technical Help)

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