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Life Cycle of a Journal Entry

Determine Appropriateness and Necessity

While most transactions are handled through a sub-system, a journal entry into the General Ledger is allowed under specific circumstances. For example, a journal entry may be necessary to correct an error or perform internal billing.

Gather Support

Once a journal entry is determined to be necessary, appropriate support must be gathered and available for necessary reviews and approvals.  When completing the journal description field, if the journal entry cannot stand alone then journal support must be provided.  Anytime support is available in addition to the description, it is recommended it be attached to the journal entry before posting.

In the case of a journal involving Sponsored Programs, support must always be provided.

Obtain Department Approvals

Many departments have specific procedures and internal controls for preparing and approving journal entries.  Internal department procedures must be followed in addition to the mandated procedures in the Journal Entry Directives & Procedures.  To determine if your department has specific procedures related to journal entry processing, please contact your financial department manager or higher financial authority.


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