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Effort reporting is the process used to document a faculty member’s time spent on all university activities – including instruction, research, extension and service – and certify that direct labor charges allocated to sponsored research projects are reasonable and reflect the actual work performed.

Effort Reporting Policy

Effort Reporting Directives and Procedures

Watch ‘What is Effort Certification’ | Microsoft Stream

Step-By-Step Instructions

Certifying Your Effort PDF

Acknowledging a Faculty Assignment Report Simulation and PDF

Other Resources

Effort Reporting Activity Categories

Effort Reporting Glossary

Top Ten Things You Should Know About Effort

Quick Facts for Faculty

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


For Academic or Instruction Effort

Office of Institutional Planning and Research: (352) 392-0456


For Non-Academic or Sponsored Project Effort

Cost Analysis, Finance and Accounting: (352) 392-5778


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