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Effort Resources

This section contains a Faculty Toolkit, Quick Facts for Faculty, Quick Facts for Effort Coordinators, Effort Reporting Glossary and a compiled list of effort resources.

  • Effort Reporting Glossary

    Committed Effort The amount or percentage of time a university employee has agreed to work on a specific sponsored project....
  • Faculty Toolkit

    Overview Effort reporting is the process used to document a faculty member’s time spent on all university activities – including...
  • Quick Facts for Effort Coordinators

    What you need to know about Effort for Grants as the Effort Coordinator Effort reporting must reflect all compensated activities,...
  • Quick Facts for Faculty

    Quick Tips for Effort Reporting  Effort reporting must reflect all compensated activities, including those not federally funded, such as: Instruction,...
  • Compiled Effort Resources

    Effort Resources This page provides a compiled list of resources to assist departments with effort certifications and effort commitments. Effort...