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Example of Activities Related to the Mission of UF

The following are examples of activities that are related to the mission of the University and may not be subject to unrelated business income tax:

  1. Computer time sold to university departments
  2. Income from advertising placed on the University newspaper when the newspaper is run by the students as part of an educational program
  3. Sale of books and class material by the bookstore
  4. Meetings, conferences and seminars where education or training is provided by UF.  However, tangible personal property provided as part of the meeting packages can be unrelated (i.e. audio/visual equipment)
  5. Non-patient diagnostic laboratory testing performed by a teaching hospital on specimens needed for the conduct of its teaching activities
  6. The sale of broadcasting rights for athletic events
  7. Sponsoring entertainment events for the appearance of professional theater companies and symphony orchestras that present drama and musical performances for students, faculty, and the general public
  8. Intellectual property royalties as a result of licensing to a third party

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