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ChartField Overview

What is a ChartField?

A ChartField is a data field that stores accounting information, affects budget and is used for internal and external reporting.  All accounting systems consist of codes used to identify transactions and to track financial activity.

ChartFields are the codes in myUFL used to identify these financial functions.  ChartFields identify received and expended funds and insure compliance with the contributor of those funds.  This is done with a series of ChartFields called a ChartField combination.  When combined correctly, ChartFields identify the impact of a financial transaction.

How Do I Search ChartFields in myUFL?

Main Menu > Financials > Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Design ChartFields > Define Values > ChartField Values

  1. Click on the appropriate ChartField hyperlink to search for a list of values
  2. Follow any applicable instructions to search for the available values
  3. The search will yield a maximum of 300 rows – if the results exceed that, additional criteria will need to be added to narrow down the search

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