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Billing Procedures

Directive Statement

All customer billing, both for internal and external customers, must be based upon measured and documented utilization which is properly authorized for the activity charged.  Billing should be done timely and regularly (generally every 45 days) after services/products have been provided.  An invoice should be generated for all customers upon fulfillment of their placed order.

Reminder: Services may not be billed without approved service center rates.

Prepayment for services is not allowed.

Units must operate within University fiscal year (i.e. 06/30/yy).  Each year billing must be processed consistently to ensure that 12 months of cost recovery are associated with 12 months of incurred costs, to provide an accurate breakeven calculation at fiscal year-end.

Reason for Directive

To ensure Fee-for-Service Educational Activity (FSEAs) bill both internal and external customers in a manner that is in accordance with good business practices and the laws, rules, regulations, and policies of the State of Florida and the University.

Who must comply?

All Fee-for-Service Educational Activities.

Timely Billing

Billing customers should be done in a consistent and timely manner.  Larger projects that span over a larger time period can be billed periodically for work that has already been completed on a cost milestone basis.

All internal sales should not be billed until the service (work) is completed (i.e. prepayment of services is not allowed).  For example, a customer cannot prepay for services to an FSEA because the FSEA does not have the money to incur costs for producing a requested product.

Internal Billing

Billing should be completed using an Expense to Revenue (E2R) journal entry crediting a Revenue Account Code (4xxxxx) and debiting an Expense Account Code (7xxxxx).  Backup supporting the charge must be attached to an E2R journal entry for it to be posted (preferably an invoice).

Internal billing transactions must be processed as soon as possible after the goods/services have been provided, ideally within the same month, but no later than 45 days after the goods/services were provided.

If the billing unit does not bill within 45 days of the date the goods/services were provided (assuming a valid ChartField string with adequate budget was provided by the customer), the billing unit may be responsible for the total amount due.

Collections: Billing discrepancies must be resolved no later than 60 days after delivery of goods or completion of service.

External Billing

Billing to external customers should be completed through issuance of an invoice and recording revenues in account 440500 Sales & Services – External for most services.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024



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