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Accepting Credit Card Payments via e-Commerce (Internet)

Directive Statement

The preferred e-Commerce implementation is through the University web payment gateway (IPAY), together with CASHNet’s eMarket storefront or checkout.  The department is responsible for developing an interface to the IPAY gateway based on standards specified by the UFIT liaison of the E-Commerce Committee.  Any exception to this practice must be approved by the University Controller’s Office.

Reason for Directive

Credit card merchants at the University of Florida are required to follow strict procedures to protect customers’ payment card data and attest compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Also, an appropriate integration with the University’s financial and other systems needs to be ensured.

Who Must Comply?

All University departments whose personnel store, process or transmit cardholder information. This also applies to units that outsource the processing of payment card information to third party vendors.


The process to set up an e-Commerce account takes approximately 1-2 months.

Contact Merchant Services to discuss the needs of the department/unit and, if needed, to select a service provider that is both University and PCI approved.

View service providers at https://usa.visa.com/splisting/splistingindex.html.

Setting up an e-Commerce Account

After all prerequisites have been completed:

  1. Complete and sign the e-Commerce Application
  2. Submit the completed forms to Banking & Merchant Services, S-113 Criser Hall, PO Box 112008, or by email to Treasury-creditcards@ad.ufl.edu
  3. Merchant Services will forward the application package to the E-Commerce Committee for pre-approvals (details below)
  4. The application will be sent to the University Controller’s Office for final review and approval
  5. Merchant Services will:
    • Notify the merchant department
    • Confirm the appropriate ChartFields to be credited for sale proceeds
    • Issue a unique merchant ID or e-Commerce identifier

E-Commerce Committee Review and Approval

The E-Commerce Committee reviews all applications involving credit card sales over the Internet.  The Committee may include representatives from Finance and Accounting, Auxiliary Accounting and Educational Business Activities Enterprise Review Committee, the webmaster, UFIT, and UFIT Security.

Applications are reviewed for:

  • Intended business purpose
  • Consistency with the University’s mission
  • Selling department’s ability to support an e-commerce activity
  • Adherence to the PCI DSS

If an exception to an IPAY or CASHNet implementation is requested, the merchant must provide proof that the alternate e-Commerce vendor is certified PCI-compliant and ensure that the department and its vendor comply with all relevant provisions of the University of Florida Information Technology Directives, Security Policy, and the UF Standards on Credit Cards.

Third-Party Service Providers

All third-party service providers under contract with the University of Florida must be PCI DSS compliant.  Departments who contract with third-party service providers must maintain a list that documents their service providers and:

  • Ensures UF contracts/agreements with such providers include language stating that the service provider/third-party vendor is PCI compliant and will protect all cardholder data.

This also applies if the merchants’ e-Commerce website does not receive cardholder data but controls how consumers/their cardholder data are redirected to a PDI DSS validated third-party payment processor

  • Confirms annually the PCI compliance status of all service providers and third-party vendors.  A lapse in PCI compliance may result in the termination of the relationship

Approval of Implementation Changes

Any significant changes to current processes planned by currently active e-Commerce merchants must be reviewed and approved by the E-Commerce Committee prior to implementation.  Such changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Departmental website
  • Products or services for sale
  • Intended customer base
  • Anticipated transaction volume
  • Outside advertising
  • Application software
  • Departmental contacts responsible for the e-Commerce business plan

Proposed changes should be submitted to Merchant Services for review by the University Controller’s Office.

Merchant Fees for e-Commerce

Please contact your applicable third-party provider involved with your e-Commerce implementation to inquire about set up, transaction, and any other recurring fees.

Publicly Accessible Computers


  • Direct your customers to any UF computer or kiosk for payment processing
  • Allow students, guardians or customers to enter their credit card information on any UF-owned device (computer, tablet, laptop, etc.)

It is perfectly acceptable/encouraged for students and customers to make online payments from their personal devices.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


Deposits – Recording Credit Card Settlements

PCI Security Standards Council


UF HR Toolkit – Deposits


TRM125 – Payment Card Security Awareness Training


Banking & Merchant Services: (352) 392-9057


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