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Parental Payment Access


Students can authorize their parents to access their Student Financials account in order to make payments on their account.

For more information on payment options, returned payments, and financial award processes, please visit the Payments section of this site.

GatorParent Payment Access

The student initiates this service:

  • Log into UF
  • Select the Campus Finances (Bursar) card > Make a Payment
  • Select the radio button that reads “Electronic Payment (Electronic Check or Credit Card),”
  • Check the box after reading and accepting the terms
  • Choose “Pay Now”
  • On the Welcome to the UF Electronic Payment website, select “Add New” next to the GatorParents
  • The student will list the:
    • Parent’s name(s)
    • Username
    • Email address
    • Password
  • Click “OK”

The GatorParent will receive an email confirmation from our third-party vendor, CashNet, and additional instructions for making payments.

General Information

Email notices will be sent to students with balances on their accounts.  These emails are sent on the 11th and 27th of every month to the students’ GatorLink e-mail.  Students are advised to check their student account at ONE.UF for the details on charges due.

Types of charges due on the student’s account might include tuition and fees, non-tuition charges including housing, dining, other charges and short-term loans.  Students are encouraged to pay their outstanding charges on time to avoid late fees and financial holds.

Last Revised

6/19/2019: reviewed content


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