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Parent PLUS Loan Refunds


UF will disburse the Parent PLUS loan by applying the funds to the student’s account to pay tuition and related fees, room, board, books and other authorized charges.  If the loan disbursement amount exceeds the total charges, UF will refund the borrower the remaining balance.

  • When the parent is applying for the loan with the US Department of Education, the parent will designate if the student or parent should receive the refund.
  • In cases where the parent borrower has designated that refunds be given to the student, UF will issue the refund via direct deposit. See Financial Aid Refunds for more information.
  • UF will notify the parent borrower in writing when the loan is disbursed.


Parent PLUS loan refunds will be paid to the Parent borrower via check or direct deposit.  If the parent has designated that the student will receive any refunds, the refund will be sent to the student account via direct deposit.

Direct deposit is available for Federal Direct PLUS (Parents Loan) refunds, to parent checking accounts only. Parents will need a parent UFID, which was assigned upon application for the loan.  Once parents have the parent UFID, they can:

  • Go to ONE.UF
  • Once signed in, select Campus Finances (Bursar) card > Direct Deposit-Refunds to enter your banking information

Direct Deposit ensures that the refund reaches the parent as quickly as possible.  Paper refund checks can take up to 14 days to process.

For more information on refunds due to student overpayments, exceptional circumstances, or withdrawals, please see information about other types of refunds or call the Bursar at 352-392-0181.

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Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


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