Tags, Titles, and Tolls to Vehicles, Vessels, Trailers and Aircraft

Asset Management is the only department authorized to obtain license plates, titles, or registrations for all UF vehicles, vessels, trailers, or aircraft from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Asset Management forwards all vehicle toll violations to the applicable department.

Tags and Titles

Asset Management obtains and keeps ALL the license plates and titles for ALL University owned vehicles. According to policy, ALL University of Florida vehicle and vessel titles are to be kept by Asset Management. If your department is in possession of title to a vehicle or vessel, please immediately contact Becky Sundeen at Asset Management, 352-294-1145 or rsundee@ufl.edu.


How to Obtain a License Plate or Title for a University Vehicle

Follow all purchasing guidelines (link http://www.purchasing.ufl.edu/contracts/vehicles.asp) for the purchase of any vehicle. Upon delivery of the vehicle to Motor Pool, most of the needed paperwork will come to Asset Management from Motor Pool (link https://www.facilitiesservices.ufl.edu/departments/operations/motor-pool/). These dealer supplied documents include:

  • MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) – for new vehicles
  • Title – for purchase of a previously owned vehicles
  • Completed application for title in order to obtain a new title for the recently purchased vehicle.

In addition to the above documents, you need to provide the ChartFields to cover the cost of the license plate, registration, and title.

We will provide a copy of the registration and an insurance pamphlet with your tag. These must be picked up and signed for at Elmore Hall.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to have the registration and insurance pamphlet ready.

Transfer of Title

“State” license plates do not expire. Therefore, when trading in an older vehicle, the tag can be transferred to the new vehicle, resulting in cost savings. All titles are maintained in the Asset Management office.

Each State of Florida license plate tag is registered to an individual UF vehicle by the vehicle identification number (VIN) and it is illegal to “swap” out a license plate between UF vehicles. The department and driver could be issued a ticket for having an unlicensed vehicle on the road and the vehicle impounded, as well as putting the University at risk if there was an accident. ALL removed license plates need to be returned to Asset Management so they can be returned to the DMV. Asset Management can assist departments in transferring license plate tags between vehicles. Contact Gwen Martin, 352-294-1130 or gomartin@ufl.edu, for additional information.


The University encourages the use of SunPass to eliminate costly toll violations. By using SunPass, UF will have an estimated annual savings of $7,500 in toll violations and rate surcharges. In an effort to reduce the toll violations and encourage departments to get a SunPass, the University will be assessing an additional $20 fee for all toll violations. You can prevent your department from being assessed this additional fee by using a SunPass. You can pay the tolls by linking the SunPass directly to your UF department P-card.

Money saving tip: SunPass tolls are lower than paying cash at the tollbooth. You can purchase a SunPass at your local Walgreens, CVS, Publix, or directly from the SunPass website. A single car SunPass costs $4.99 and a multi-car SunPass costs $19.99.  For more information about SunPass please visit www.sunpass.com<http://www.sunpass.com>.