Annual Inventory, Off-Site Certifications, Foreign Travel with Equipment Request

Annual Inventory

The Board of Governors requires an annual inventory of all capital assets. The annual inventory cycle begins at July 1st and ends at March 31st. The deadlines for departments completing the annual inventory is as follows:

  • Off-Site Certifications – September 30th
  • High risk departments – November 30th
  • STAR and IFAS departments – January 31st
  • Main campus and Health Science Center departments – March 31st

The following reports are used in the annual inventory process:

Click here for additional information on directives and procedures for the annual inventory including inventory procedures, methods, and an explanation and listing of STAR departments.

Off-Site Certifications

Off-Site Certifications are required for property which is removed from UF owned, leased, or used locations (as identified in the UF Space Tracking and Reporting System, STARS). These items must be tagged as being UF property, assigned to an individual, identified as “Off-Site” and have an address identified in myAssets.  UF owned, leased, or used locations can be identified at

If you find you need to use a piece of University equipment that is off-site, please do the following prior to removing the equipment:

  • Notify your Departmental Contact – If you are not sure who the Department Contact is, see the Custodian/Contact List. The Department Contact will need your UFID number and the UF decal number on the item. If there is no UF decal number,please provide the serial number.

If the item costs less than $5,000, the Departmental Contact will update the department’s attractive items inventory list. If the item costs $5,000 or more, the Departmental Contact submits a Property Update Request to Asset Management – this notifies Asset Management to update the official property record to identify the item that will be leaving a UF facility and who will be responsible for the item.

  1. Complete an Off-Site Certification online – If you have a current e-mail address in the UF directory, an e-mail will be sent notifying you that the item is ready for your certification. If you do not receive the e-mail or the e-mail gets deleted, you can access the on-line certification directly via the Off-Site Certification. This certification will outline your responsibilities while the UF item is in your possession. It also fulfills the annual inventory requirements for this item.If you are regularly traveling with a specific piece of equipment, you only need to complete the Off-Site Certification once a year, by the annual due date of September 30th.

Foreign Travel with Equipment Requests

U.S. export laws occasionally will require an export license to take an item to a specific country, therefore, UF policy requires that a Foreign Travel Request be submitted, in addition to the Off-Site Certification described above, before equipment can be taken outside the United States. It can often take many months to receive an export license, so please be sure to submit a Foreign Travel Request as soon as you are aware that an item will need to be taken or shipped outside the United States.

The person traveling or shipping the item is ultimately responsible for ensuring a travel request has been submitted and approved prior to travel, however, anyone with a Gatorlink account can submit the travel request for the traveler. Some departments will have the person submitting the Travel Authorization (TA) also submit the Foreign Travel Request for equipment. The individual submitting the request will need to forward the approval form to the traveler when it is received.

To submit a Foreign Travel Request, you will need the travelers UFID, the item’s UF decal number, travel dates, and the country or countries the item will be taken. If you will be taking multiple trips to different countries, submit them all on the same request, just make sure the dates cover the entirety of your travel period.

Asset Management will review the information and approve or deny the request. When the travel request is processed, the individual who submitted the request will receive an e-mail letting them know if the request has been approved or denied.  Occasionally, an item will require an export license. In those situations, you will be referred to the Division of Research Compliance and Global Support for further assistance. If an export license is required, you will have to wait for the export license to take the item to the country requested.

Before you leave, be sure there is a UF decal on the item and print and carry with you the PDF received from Asset Management authorizing the item to be taken out of the United States. If a license is required to take this item out of the United States, Division of Research Compliance and Global Support will provide additional instructions. If available, print and carry with you a copy of the purchase invoice for the item.

To process the Foreign Travel with Equipment Request, the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) has to be identified and updated for the capital asset or attractive property in myAssets. The Corporate Export Control Classification Database provides a list of manufacturers and ECCN information.