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Stay in Touch


Below is a compiled list of ways to stay in touch with what is going on in Finance & Accounting.  We will update this page regularly as new communication methods are established, so please stay tuned! For questions or suggestions about this page, please email controller-office@ad.ufl.edu or call (352) 392-1321.

Please note, any role based listservs must be updated (added or removed) by coordinating role updates with your supervisor or DSA.

Controller’s Office


Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
CFO Financial Accountable Officers Restricted to the highest level financial representative for a college and used for high level communication from the CFO Division. Role: UF_N_FINANCE_ACCT_OFFICER
Dept. Financial Accountable Officers Departmental level financial representatives to receive high level communications from the CFO Division to share with others in their department. Role: UF_N_DEPT_FINANCE_ACCT_OFFICER

There’s More!

Visit our Current Initiatives website to view ongoing initiatives and progress.

Asset Management


Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
Property Swap 


The UF community uses this listserv, which is open to all staff, to find a home for unneeded UF furniture. Sign-up
Property Listserv 


Asset Management uses this listserv to communicate with the campus community on property issues. All Property Custodians and Property Contacts are included based on their role, and UF staff members who are interested in property issues can request to be added. Role and Sign-up

There’s More!

Visit the Surplus Property Warehouse online request and shopping portal to see available items!

Auxiliary Accounting

Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
Auxiliary Contacts


Auxiliary Accounting uses this listserv to communicate with the campus community on FSEA news/issues. Sign-up


On their website, use their new chatbot, Alli, to answer any question you might have in multiple languages!

Cost Analysis

Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
Effort Certification Includes all Effort Coordinators who have security to the effort system. Role
All Effort These notifications will address anyone who has security to the effort coordinator, faculty assignment reports initiator, effort view only, and academic activity reporting system security roles.  The primary focus of these notifications is for effort open lab opportunities. Role
Space Allocation Space Certifiers and Authorizers who have security to the space allocation system, to receive notices regarding any space allocation system changes, deadlines, and other training opportunities. Role

There’s More!

Join our Microsoft Teams! We have an Effort team and a Space Reporting team. Both are role-based and are a great way to get help or ask questions!


Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
AP Users Allows the UF community to stay informed of issues affecting the myUFmarketplace. Role

General Accounting

Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
UFACC Allows the UF community to stay informed of issues affecting UF accounting systems.  It is used by multiple teams to send information about updates.  Sign-up


Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
PY Distribution listserv Emails to the PY Distribution listserv are sent Monday – Friday of a payroll closing week. Role
Time & Labor Listserv Pay period begin and end dates, Time & Labor close dates, pay dates, Human Resources deadlines, as well as other information critical to Time & Labor approvers, processors, and new employees are included in the e-mail to the listserv that is sent on Monday before the end of the pay period.  Changes to these deadlines that result from holiday schedules are also sent via this listserv. Role

Banking & Merchant Services

Name Purpose Role or Sign-up?
TM Listserv


Banking & Merchant Services uses this listserv to communicate with the campus community on important deposit processing deadlines and unidentified funds received in the UF bank account. Role
HSP Listserv


Communicates important updates regarding the human subject payment system. Role

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