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Service Center Rate Review

Directive Statement

Biennially, the Auxiliary Accounting Office notifies Service Centers when rate reviews are required.  The selected Service Centers will receive instructions on how to complete the rate review and when they are due back to the Auxiliary Accounting Office.

It is advised that Service Centers conduct their own rate reviews annually with the highest accountable administrator of the area.

Please contact the Auxiliary Accounting Office at ga-aux@ad.ufl.edu for the Service Center Rate Review template.

Reason for Directive

OMB Uniform Guidance requires service centers to review their rates at least on a biennial basis to determine whether an upward or downward adjustment of rates is necessary.

Who must comply?

All service/recharge centers.

Uncompleted Rate Reviews

Follow-up emails will be sent to remind the delinquent FSEA’s and notify the Dean’s office and Contract & Grants that the users cannot be charged with unapproved rates.

List of Approved Rates

Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) and Contracts and Grants (C&G) receive from the Auxiliary Accounting Office a list of identified service centers and their rate approval status on a regular basis.

Reminder: Costs already reimbursed through the Facilities and Administrative (indirect) cost rate e.g., administrative salaries and equipment depreciation cannot be included in center rates.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


Auxiliary Accounting: (352) 294-7236

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