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Recording Cash and Check Deposits in myUFL

Directive Statement

Before funds are remitted to the Cashier’s Office, the deposit transaction must be recorded in myUFL.

Reason for Directive

To ensure the timely entry of deposit transactions into myUFL.

Who Must Comply

All University departments.


  1. Only employees with the security role UF_AR_CASHIER can record deposits in myUFL.
  2. To obtain this role, employees must take:
    • PST021 – Making Deposits in myUFL
    • TRM200 – Explaining UF Cash/Check Controls and
    • PST956 – Journal Entry in myUFL

Please note, TRM200 – Explaining UF Cash/Check Controls is recommended for all employees involved in the deposit process, even if they are not entering deposits in the myUFL system. 

Cash/Check Deposits

  1. Follow the procedures in Cash and Check Movement and Remission of Deposit to prepare the deposit for remission to the bank
  2. Follow the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Deposits to enter the deposit into myUFL


Remission and Movement of Cash and Checks


UF HR Toolkit – Deposit Transmittal

UF HR Toolkit – Deposits


Banking & Merchant Services: (352) 392-9057

Cashier: (352) 392-0185

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