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Identifying, Decaling and Maintaining Attractive Property

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of acquiring, decaling, and maintaining attractive property.  Attractive Property is property that costs less than $5,000 and is not a capital asset.  The University or the department should track the property due to various reasons, including:

  • Property contains sensitive data
  • Property is prone to theft or loss
  • The department is required to track the property

Attractive property that is required to be tracked must be recorded in myAssets.

Reason for Directive

To ensure we are responsible stewards, we identify and track property to minimize risk due to theft or loss, meet regulatory compliance standards, maximize property usage, and support UF’s sustainability efforts.

Who must comply?

All UF departments.  It is the Property Custodian’s responsibility to identify and safeguard all attractive property owned by their departments.  This includes decaling, identifying, annual inventorying, transferring, disposing of attractive property, and keeping the department up-to-date with attractive property policies.  The property custodian will identify Departmental Contacts who will be delegated daily tasks.

Items that are required to be tracked as mandatory attractive property

Mobile computing devices

Mobile computing and storage devices may contain sensitive information.  Tracking this device with sensitive information help meet requirements by HIPAA, FERPA, HITECH, and Export Control.  Examples of mobile computing devices are laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and smart phones.  The complete list of mobile computing devices directives can be found on the UFIT website.

All mobile computing devices should be identified within myAssets as off-site (see Off-Site Certification Directive), unless the department can demonstrate and document a business purpose for individual mobile devices not having off-site categorization.  The business purpose documentation must be emailed annually to Asset Management at property@admin.ufl.edu.

Off-Site Property

Property which is removed from UF owned, leased, or used locations (as identified in the UF’s Space Tracking & Reporting System, STARS) must have the Off-Site Certification completed.

These items must be:

  1. Tagged as being UF property
  2. Assigned to an individual
  3. Have an address identified in myAssets

Vehicles, vessels, trailers, or aircraft that are titled, licensed or registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles or Federal Aviation Administration

This would include cars, trucks, trailers, boats, ATVs, and golf carts costing under $5,000.

Any item on the United States Munitions List (USML) or in the 600 series on the Commerce Control List

Items included in the USML or in the 600 series of the Commerce Control list have military applications (fire arms, night vision goggles, Geo-synchronous mapping).

If assistance is needed determining if an item is controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or a 600 series item, contact Asset Management at property@admin.ufl.edu for assistance.

Items purchased with Equipment-Use Fees (Fund 163)

Departments are responsible for following the requirements set forth in the Equipment Use Fee Equipment Management Policy for all items purchased using Equipment Use fees.

Additional items that tracked as attractive property

The department could require property to be tracked besides the mandatory attractive property described above.  Examples could be cameras, computer peripherals, musical instruments, lab equipment, medical equipment, and equipment to be loaned out to other departments.


Please review the Capital and Attractive Livestock Directive for information.

How do I know if something is designated as attractive property?

Whether the item is mandatory attractive property or department-designated attractive property, it will have a white decal.

Please reference the sample of an Attractive Property Directive for more information. If your department uses UF Health IT services, there will be a decal starting with an “F.” Please reference the sample of a Draft UF Health IT Attractive Property Directive for more information.

Identify the Attractive Property

Asset Management requires the use of myAssets to identify and track all attractive property because myAssets is fully integrated with departmental contacts, UF locations, off-site certifications, e-mail notifications, and surplus pick-ups.

Departments will need to record the following information in myAssets to identify the attractive property.  The fields with * are mandatory fields.

  1. Department ID*
  2. Serial number of property (if not available, list as “none”)*
  3. Description of property*
  4. Location of property*
  5. In addition to the mandatory fields displayed above, myAssets also has additional fields available for the departments to help identify and track the attractive property such as: in service date, manufacture, model, user, cost, purchase order number, voucher, ECCN, and ITAR

Decal the Attractive Property

Ensure asset receives a decal within 30 days of the receipt of the property (below is an example of an attractive property decal).
Attractive Property Inventory Decal

Maintain and Safeguard the Attractive Property

To properly maintain, safeguard, and care for attractive property, the department must:

  1. Communicate attractive property policies with all staff members through staff meetings, memos, and/or e-mail
  2. Include information about this directive in training for individuals involved in identifying, tracking, or maintaining attractive property
  3. Train staff on procedures for properly handling equipment (i.e. moving, transferring and cannibalizing equipment)
  4. Lock equipment (including attractive items) in secured locations and lock doors when the rooms are not in use
  5. Perform adequate maintenance and upkeep of equipment
  6. Do not let equipment sit idle for extended periods of time
  7. Store equipment in environmentally suitable locations to prevent corrosion, contamination, and damage of sensitive parts

Linked are instructions on relocating, transferring, disposing, and inventorying attractive property.


600 Series

The 600 series is a list of items maintained by the Department of Commerce.  The 600 series items are also known as the Commerce Munitions List.  These items have a military application but are considered less sensitive than items on the United States Munitions List.  Any equipment item on this list must be identified as a 600 Series item in UF’s property records or a departmental list of Attractive items.  As soon as an item is identified as being a 600 series item, the Division of Research Compliance and Global Support will be contacted.  Division of Research Compliance and Global Support will assist the department in developing any needed security measures.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


Equipment Use Fee Equipment Management Policy

International Traffic in Arms Regulations

UFIT website

UF’s Space Tracking & Reporting System, STARS


UF HR Toolkit – Asset Management

UF IT Security Training


Asset Management: (352) 392-2556

Contracts & Grants: (352) 392-1235

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