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Employer-Provided Educational Assistance – UF Employee Education Program (EEP)

Directive Statement

Employees participating in the university’s written education benefit program are afforded a tax-free benefit up to the annual IRS limit. Benefits in excess of this limit are subject to employment taxation.

Reason for Directive

The purpose of this directive is to comply with Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 127 regarding taxation of employee educational assistance benefits and to exclude from the employee’s income up to $5,250 in educational benefits provided.

Who must comply?

All university departments.


  1. Employees participating in the EEP receive a tuition waiver for up to six credit hours of instruction per semester. The education need not be job-related
  2. In the fall semester, Payroll Services obtains data from the Bursar’s office and UFHR regarding EEP tuition benefits for the Spring, Summer, and Fall terms and determines the taxable portions in excess of the annual IRS limit
  3. Employees with a taxable portion are notified by email of  the paycheck(s) on which the corresponding taxes will be assessed. (Payroll Services divides the taxable portion over two paychecks to help minimize the tax impact.)
  4. Payroll Services records the taxable portion as Miscellaneous Taxable Income (MTI) on the employee’s paycheck payline, and the MTI amount is assessed employment taxes along with the employee’s regular earnings.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/05/2024


Employee Education Program Information

IRS Publication 15-B: Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits

US Code 127: Educational Assistance Programs


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Tax Services: (352) 294-7266