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Basic Approval Process


If your department is considering providing goods/services to another University of Florida department or a customer outside of the campus community on a recurring basis, you will need to set up an Educational Business Activity (EBA) unit.  An EBA unit also lets you recover the costs of providing these goods/services through charges to users.  The University of Florida operates four types of EBA Units.

University departments desiring to conduct EBA activity must obtain approval to establish this type of unit by completing the Request to Operate an Educational Business Activity.

Approval Process

The approval process to conduct activities as an Educational Business Activity consists of the following steps:

  • Department completes an Application
  • Department completes a Rate Setting Process
  • Both documents are reviewed and approved by the Department Dean/Chair

Once the departmental approval is received, the Auxiliary Office will present the EBA application package to the Auxiliary Advisory Committee, which meets on a monthly basis.  Note that the time it takes to establish an EBA unit varies, but rate calculations are usually the most time-intensive step of the process.

The last step of the application process is approval by the Senior Vice President of Finance and the Chief Financial Officer.  The Auxiliary Office will notify the unit of the application’s approval or denial to establish an EBA.

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