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Acquiring Federal Property

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of acquiring federal property .

Reason for Directive

Federal property is a special kind of tangible property.  UF acquires federal property several ways.  Federal Property can be purchased with a federal grant or contract, loaned to UF from a federal agency, or donated to UF by a federal agency.  The federal government requires this property to be tracked, so it will have an orange decal AND may also have a white federal decal.

UF uses 3 special codes at the beginning of the tag number to identify federal property:

  • 4910US – Owned by the US Government
  • 4910AO – Owned by an agency like NASA
  • 4910F – Owned by federal surplus or GSA

Examples of federal agencies who provide property to UF are the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), and the Governmental Surplus Administration (GSA), often referred to as CITRA at UF.

Who must comply?

All UF Departments.  It is the Property Custodian’s responsibility to identify and safeguard all federal property in their department’s possession.  The Property Custodian will identify Departmental Contacts who will be delegated daily tasks.

When Purchasing New Capital Assets through a Purchase Requisition

Complete a Purchase Requisition using the UF HR Toolkit – Completing a Requisition in myUF Market.

Federal property should never be purchased unencumbered through myUF Payment Solutions or purchased with a PCard.

Please note: When purchasing federal property, the department is encouraged (whenever economically feasible) to purchase environmentally preferred products according to the Sustainable Procurement Directive.

  1. The Purchase Requisition must reference the department ID, fund, program, and account
  2. An assigned employee for each department will be responsible for receiving the asset
  3. When removing the packing slip and confirming the contents of package, this employee will indicate the following on the packing slip:
    • Serial Number
    • Property Custodian
    • Location
    • Primary User
    • Manufacturer
  4. The employee who received and verified the equipment will sign and date the packing slip
  5. The department will follow the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Approving an Invoice for an Asset and attach the documentation of receipt (such as the signed packing slip)
    Please note: Any payment created without documentation of the asset’s receipt will be returned to the department
  6. The department will add the asset into myAssets

When Purchasing Federal Surplus Property from Florida Department of Management Services in Starke, Florida

  1. Email Asset Management at property@admin.ufl.edu to obtain prior authorization
    1. Asset Management will authorize the department to pick-up Federal surplus property
  2. Certify receipt of the property items and authorize payment (when necessary) when the Federal surplus property is received
  3. Mail a copy of the certification of receipt or invoice to Asset Management (PO Box 115300, 116 Elmore Hall), or email to property@admin.ufl.edu
  4. Asset Management will add equipment to the system

Note: Federal Property should never be purchased unencumbered through myUF Payment Solutions or purchased with a PCard.

When Purchasing Furniture and Equipment from Contract or Grant Funds

Specific provisions in each contract or grant may vary regarding the acquisition of furniture and equipment. In many cases, prior approval must be received.  Before furniture and equipment are charged to a contract or grant, departments must review the terms and conditions of the agreement to identify limitations for purchasing furniture and equipment.  If the department is unsure of limitations set forth by the granting agencies, they can contact Asset Management at 352-392-2556.

  1. General types of furniture and equipment, such as typewriters, air conditioners, office furniture, and calculators are not permitted to be purchased unless specifically approved in writing by the Contracting Officer
  2. All Purchase Requisitions (partially or fully funded) must include the project number assigned to the contract and grant on the ChartField string

Known Agency Specific Limitations

  1. For the Department of Defense (DOD) contracts, the purchase of equipment or furniture in the project budget costing less than $5,000 does not need further approval, but prior approval of the Contracting Officer is required if the item is not listed
  2. NASA Grants – Acquisition of furniture or equipment costing in excess of $5,000 and not included in the approved budget requires the prior approval of the Administrative Grants Officer unless the item is merely a different model of an item shown in the approved budget.  The government reserves the right to require transfer to the government or third party (named by the government) of the title of items purchased at a cost in excess of $5,000 within 120 days after receipt of a final inventory

Note: Federal Property should never be purchased unencumbered through myUF Payment Solutions or purchased with a PCard.

When Federal Property is Donated

Assets can be donated to UF through the UF Foundation from other universities, the Federal Government, other State agencies and private industries, or transferred in with incoming faculty from another university.

  1. Receive the asset(s) in myAssets
  2. Obtain supporting documentation which clearly confirms that ownership has been transferred to the University of Florida
  3. Asset Management staff will add the asset to the Asset Management subsystem indicating the acquisition type as “donation”
  4. The value of the donated asset is added to the financial statements at the fair market value of the asset at the time the University of Florida acquires the asset

When an Asset is Loaned or “Furnished”

Assets can be loaned or “furnished” to UF by a federal agency or other agencies to be used at the University.  It is provided to the University, but it is not owned by the University.  The title’s ownership remains with the agency.

  1. Principal Investigators (PIs) must send a copy of the shipping documents, transfer order, and/or correspondence pertaining to the receipt of the furniture or equipment to Asset Management at property@admin.ufl.edu or mail to Asset Management (PO Box 115300, 116 Elmore Hall), when the property is provided for a project
    1. Title to all furniture and equipment furnished by the government for use on a project or through the Federal Excess Personal Property Program will remain with the government
  2. University of Florida – Plant City Campus is responsible for receiving any property from the Federal Excess Personal Property Program
    1. The Department Contact for Plant City must notify Asset Management with supporting documentation when Federal excess property is received
    2. Such assets, when acquired by NASA grants, will be maintained in accordance with NASA Grant Handbook
    3. Furniture or equipment furnished by the government are subject to all reporting requirements of the contract, grant or program until the project is terminated, at which time specific disposition instructions will be requested by Asset Management

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


Federal Excess Personal Property Program

NASA Grant Handbook

Sustainable Procurement Directive


UF HR Toolkit – Asset Management

UF HR Toolkit – Completing a Requisition in myUF Market


Asset Management: (352) 392-2556

Construction Accounting: (352) 392-8251

Contracts & Grants: (352) 392-1235

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