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UF Administrative Memo: Annual Fraud Awareness Reminder

As UF employees, we are all responsible for safeguarding the University’s financial resources.  Every member of the University community has the responsibility to report any actions or activities of concern.

UF Administrative Memo: Year End Information for 2020 Fiscal Year End Closing

DATE: May 1, 2020 TO: UF Administrative Memo FROM: Alan M. West, Assistant Vice President and University Controller SUBJECT: Year End Information for 2020 Fiscal Year End Closing It is that time of year again to prepare for the annual closing of the fiscal year. The 2019-20 fiscal year ends on June 30, 2020 and […]

Form W-4 changes coming in 2020

While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not requiring all employees to complete the revised form, those employees hired in 2020 and anyone who makes withholding changes during 2020 will be required to use the new form.

Get ready for tax season! Sign up now to receive your W-2 electronically

Electronic W-2s for 2019 are expected to be generated by January 23, 2020 — more than a week earlier than printed W-2s.

Foundation Transfers

A new process is available for departments wishing to move funds from the Foundation to the University, outside the normal monthly transfer.

myUF Marketplace is now live; resources available to help

On Oct. 28, UF launched its new single procure-to-pay system designed to streamline processes for UF departments. A variety of resources designed to support those who make UF purchases and payments are available to help departments through the transition.

Update on Enterprise/National Rental Authorization Letter

The State of Florida Department of Management Services has reconsidered and the authorization letter for students and visitors will not be required as long as the vehicle is rented utilizing the Enterprise/National AR Billing Number.

UF Administrative Memo: Carryforward Expenditure Policy

Recently passed legislation is prompting changes to Board of Governors regulations with respect to university operating budgets. Based on the proposed regulation changes, the university is implementing new restrictions for E&G state appropriations.

UBI Tax Training on Oct. 2

During this training, you will learn how to apply Unrelated Business Income (UBI) guidelines to your departmental sales, identify possible UBI-generating activities and find out how to fill out the new UBI certification form.

Fraud Awareness Training

Fraud Awareness is a new course intended for anyone with tier 1 or 2 fiscal responsibility. The course will define fraud, discuss the different types and talk about why people commit fraud.