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Payment Card Newsflash #021

Dear Credit Card Merchants:

This Newsflash applies to all UF eCommerce (IPAY) merchants, who have outsourced credit card processing to CASHNet. You may disregard this notice if your implementation varies from the one described above.

Due to a technical glitch earlier this year at HigherOne, Discover card transactions processed through IPAY/CASHNet were not properly settled and funded to HigherOne. Therefore, HigherOne needs to rerun these transactions as per the email to cardholders below. Please take note that the University of Florida was properly funded during this time and did not experience any losses whatsoever during the time period in question.


This is a recovery measure that concerns HigherOne exclusively. However, if you happen to receive inquiries concerning HigherOne’s email notification, we recommend to forward such inquiries to Banking & Merchant Services’ Payment Card Operations at 392-9057 for appropriate handling, or:

Renato Squindo (Squindo@ufl.edu), or
Eric DeLaet (Edelaet@ufl.edu)

Published: November 3rd, 2014

Category: Payment Card Newsflash