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Payment Card Newsflash #010

Dear Credit Card Merchants:

Due to scheduled training, Banking & Merchant Services (including the cashiering office) will be closed all afternoon Tuesday, February 19, 2013 (starting at 11:30 am). You will still be able to submit deposits over the counter as usual that morning and put deposits in the drop box any time that day. However, Banking & Merchant Services offices will be closed after 11:30 am.

All deposits with an accounting date of February 19, 2013 will be processed no later than Wednesday, February 20, 2013, which means that funds may not be available in commitment control until late afternoon on Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

Credit Cards: Please enter deposits as normal. All credit card deposits that are not budget checked on Tuesday February 19, 2013 will be processed with the normal work on Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

If you have any questions on the above information, please do not hesitate to contact tmhelp@admin.ufl.edu.

Published: November 5th, 2014

Category: Payment Card Newsflash