UF Departments

Paying Tuition and Fees

  1. Departments must contact the University Bursar’s Third-Party Billing area by e-mail or by calling (352) 392-9545 to determine if establishing a billing arrangement is warranted.
  2. If billing arrangement is warranted, the Third-Party Billing area will request additional information from the department to establish a third-party contract.
  3. Once the contract has been established, the department will be instructed how to complete the payment request form.
  4. If establishing a billing arrangement is not warranted, departments are instructed to pay tuition and fees through the standard Scholarship Notification Document process with the Office of Student Financial Affairs (Financial Aid Office), 352-392-1275.

Paying Non-Tuition Charges

UF departments can pay non-tuition charges such as computer dial-up or printer/plotter usage for their students, faculty or staff.  These are charges that have posted to the individual’s account in the Bursar’s student financials system.

Departments should complete the Request to Pay Non-Tuition Charges form and submit it to University Bursar, PO Box 114050 or by fax to (352) 392-3448.  Any questions should be directed to the University Bursar at (352) 392-0181.

Establishment of a New Scholarship Account

To request the establishment of a new scholarship account cost center, departments will send a completed form with any supporting documentation to the University Bursar by one of the following methods:

  1. Send via campus mail to: PO Box 114050
  2. Fax to (352) 392-3448

Departments will be notified of the new account cost center once it has been created.


UF Departments must email a spreadsheet with a list of students’ UF IDs and waiver amounts to ubwaivers@mail.ufl.edu by the end of drop/add period in order for the University Bursar to apply waivers to student accounts by the fee payment deadline. This does not apply to Graduate Assistant waivers processed through the Letter of Appointment (LOA) system.