Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction—which can be voluntary or involuntary—is offered or may be used as a means of collection for current or past due charges on your university account.  Payroll deduction is not a payment arrangement and will not clear a financial hold until past due charges are paid in full.  Please review your charges due in myUFL > Main Menu > My Campus Finances > Charges Due to ensure all debts are paid by the listed due date.


Voluntary payroll deduction is a self service function of myUFL in which the employee will have full control of setup and management of these payments.  One-time or multiple recurring payments can be setup to pay charges.  Setup is simple and easy.  To begin, please log into myUFL > Main Menu > My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Voluntary Deductions.

For additional information on setup, please refer to the myUFL Basics Toolkit and scroll down to Self Service Voluntary Deductions, then select the Simulation or Instruction Guide.


Per University Regulation 6C1-3.0421, the University is authorized to collect all delinquent accounts owed.  If an employee fails to pay charges due in a timely manner, the university may take adverse action in an attempt to collect these debts.  Notification will be made prior to set-off of wages.  Twenty days after notification is sent, the university may withhold 10 percent or less of the employee’s bi-weekly gross salary, until the debt is satisfied.