Current Students

Terms and Agreements

2018-19 Academic Year Tuition and Fees


Available payment options, returned payments, and financial aid payments.

Financial Aid Disbursements

How financial aid is disbursed (including Bright Futures and private scholarships).

Billing and Sponsors

Including information on sponsorship/third party sponsors.

Florida Prepaid College Program

The Florida Prepaid College Program provides Florida families affordable means to save for their children’s future college education.


Financial aid and student overpayment refunds.

Non-Tuition Charges

Charges for Student Health Care Center, parking decals and tickets, library fines, housing and other departments.

Past Due Accounts

Details on past due accounts as well as holds (negative service indicators).


Including state-authorized, graduate assistant, fellowship, and other waivers awarded through UF’s Employee Education Program, Santa Fe’s Professional Development Scholarship Fund and UF departments.

Tax Information

Learn about IRS Tax Form 1098-T, including how to obtain your tax information online.

Exit Counseling

Required of any student who received one or more student loans and/or a Federal TEACH Grant while attending UF.